Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International, has been arrested. See the mugshot and photos and find out more about the beauty queen who has been charged for allegedly faking a cancer diagnosis to raise funds and advance herself in the pageant world.

Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates

Photo: Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates

The story of the 23-year-old beauty queen is going viral, making headlines all over the world. Stories of people faking cancer diagnosis to raise money frequently go viral, but add in the fact that she’s a reigning pageant title holder at the state level who’s being accused of allegedly faking a cancer diagnosis not just to raise money but ot advance herself in the pageant world, and you have a firestorm and with it, the search for both the booking photo and pageant pictures.

Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates was crowned Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International and according to NBC News Pennsylvania State Police were tipped off by an anonymous letter.

Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police and charged with theft by deception and receiving stolen property. She remains at the Centre County Correctional Facility and her bond was set at $150,000. NBC News also reports that the pageant organization has issued a statement to the effect that she has been stripped of her pageant title and must surrender her sash and crown when she leaves jail.

She is alleged to have carried on a deception for two years, described as an “elaborate scheme” according to the police authorities, and during that time allegedly raised thousands of dollars through fundraising events, most notably a “Bingo for Brandi” which allegedly brought in $14,000 earlier this year. She’s further accused of shaving her head and going to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore; allegedly driven there by family members for treatment. Numerous Facebook photos, some of which you can see below, confirm that she has a shaven head.

NBC News goes on to report that she was quoted in an article in a local newspaper and said she had been diagnosed in March 2013 with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. And sure enough, one finds that she told the newspaper, “When I was first diagnosed, I kept it to myself for a while; I didn’t know how to tell my family and even though they were there through it all, it still feels like you battling it alone, because they don’t understand.”

Check back for updates in the story. Meanwhile, you can see video and full gallery of Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates’ pictures below.

Photos: Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates
Credit: Facebook

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