Amy Schumer talked about Jennifer Lawrence and the vacation they took together in the Hamptons. It was just one of the topics as she made an appearance on the last week of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart;’ she also spoke about the mass shooting at a screening of her movie, ‘Trainwreck.’

Amy Schumer

Photo: Amy Schumer
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The 34-year-old rising comedy icon was among Jon Stewart’s stellar line up of comedians for his final week as host of ‘The Daily Show’ on Comedy Central. Dispensing with the usual fare public figures and show biz legends who often pop up in final episodes of talk shows, it was Amy Schumer’s interview kicking off the week.

And she expressed her enthusiasm, saying, to Stewart, “I can’t believe I’m here!” For his part, Jon Stewart expressed more than a bit of enthusiasm as well, saying of her, “Your movie is ridiculous. I feel like your comedy is informed. It comes from a place of real intention. You’re like an actress star!:

While there was plenty of time for hilarity, the tragic shooting at ‘Trainwreck’ was not a topic she sidestepped. Yes, that hit movie, critically acclaimed, and off to a runaway box office, just happened to sadly be the movie playing as a gunman opened fire, killing two women and himself, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Earlier that same day, alongside her famous cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York she had spoken out that same day advocating gun control in a press conference.

But on ‘The Daily Show’ her reaction to the shooting was peppered with attempted humor. She said, “What a bummer. I was like, legit heartbroken to get that news.” She went on to make a quip that was not exactly family friendly as to why suddenly there were so many missed calls on her phone, and went on to say, “To hear that news, it broke my heart. It was so horrible.”

Schumer declined the opportunity talk about gun control and instead went on to the lightheartedness of her adventures with Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence. Pictures of the two of them on vacation in the Hamptons had been quite a sensation on social media, as Jon Stewart pointed out, saying, “For you life, is a bit of a rocket ship, I would think. Are you in the stratosphere now? I see a picture of you and Jennifer Lawrence.”

She said of the adventure, which began as a trip with her high school friends. She said she told Lawrence, “I was like, ‘Oh, we’re going on a boat tour tomorrow. You should come.’ It was kind of a hypothetical.” She went on to say, And she was like, ‘I think I’m coming!’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ So I filmed a video actually of my friends telling them that Jennifer Lawrence is going to be there. They’re like nurses and teachers, and I’m like, ‘Jennifer Lawrence is coming on a boat with us tomorrow,’ so they’re all screaming.”

Yes, not your every day occurrence suddenly finding yourself in the company of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. And, as Amy Schumer tells it, it’s quite an adventure, which involves a jet ski and the like and of course, how the whole adventure went viral on social media. She also mentioned having gotten kicked off Martha’s Vineyard last year with these same high school friends.

Yes, quite an episode kicking off Jon Stewart’s swan song week, and you can see Amy Schumer’s full interview with Jon Stewart below!