Jake Gyllenhaal spoke about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift as Howard Stern told him point blank he should have married her. That was but one of many provocative topics in his wide-ranging interview on ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Yes, we all know by now that interviews with Howard Stern are rarely dull and this one is well within the provocative category. Sure, Jake Gyllenhaal has done numerous interview for ‘Southpaw’ and he has mostly talked about ‘Southpaw’ transformation, which is a fascinating subject in and of itself. Many are genuinely interested to know how the actor packed on 15 pounds of muscle and, for all intents and purposes transformed himself into a heavyweight boxer.

But we can never underestimate what else there might be to nosh about. Howard Stern went right straight to the headline making topic.

Jake Gyllenhaal dated Taylor Swift briefly in 2010, but the brevity of the relationship and the passage of time didn’t stop the radio host from saying, “‘I feel — and this is me stepping in — you should have married Taylor Swift, and I’ll tell you why; what a power couple!’

To which Gyllenhaal said, “Oh, that’s the reason?” He did later add that he thought Swift was a “beautiful girl.”

When asked why Stern hadn’t invited him on the show earlier, Stern replied , “I would have said, ‘Jake, this is The One.’ Because to me, nothing is sexier than a woman who can play songs and write.’”

But of course, as we all know, for anyone dating and then breaking up with Taylor Swift that has a downside, and it was Stern’s co-host, Robin Quivers who pointed out that Swift is rumored to have written a song about and the breakup for her ‘Red’ album.

When Howard Stern asked which one Gyllenhaal said, “‘I don’t know. This is all Robin. She’s looking it up right now. She’s feverishly looking it up online.’

But Stern was not yet finished grilling the actor and when he asked him if he was in love now, he said he wasn’t.

And still the topic of Taylor Swift was not yet concluded, as Howard Stern brought up G’s recent appearance on Good Morning America and how Swift’s song ‘Bad Blood’ was playing when he was introduced. Naturally, this did not go unnoticed on social media. Quite the contrary, it caused the typical explosion.

Gyllenhaal said to that, ‘First of all, I did not hear that…When I’m doing an interview when you’re up at 5 a.m. and you can’t really make sense of words, you’re not thinking about the background music that’s playing behind you.’

Well, no doubt by this point we might well imagine Gyllenhaal would much prefer to talk about all the boxing training he did for ‘Southpaw!’ And yes, he did talk about all of that, too, of course, but just didn’t get by unscathed in a typical Howard Stern interview.

Listen to the full interview below, as Jake Gyllenhaal talks Taylor Swift and much more on The Howard Stern Show!

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