Charlize Theron opened up about turning 40 and how she feels about again during recent interview. The actress reprises her role as the Evil Queen in ‘Dark Places, the highly anticipated prequel to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and as she makes the publicity rounds, she is making news with her candor.

Charlize Theron

Photo: Charlize Theron
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Yes, the 39-year-old Charlize Theron will not be in her 30s much longer. And the first thing we discover is that she is not shy about talking about turning 40. In an interview with E! she was asked how she planned to spend her August 7 milestone birthday.

She said of it, “I don’t know. I literally wrapped a movie two days ago.”

She went on to add, “I’ve never been a big birthday person. I’ll celebrate a month later if I’m in the right place and the right restaurant, “You guys! It’s my birthday!”

As ageism and sexism in Hollywood are constant topics in the news, and as we can all observe, the challenge for actresses as they grow older is real, Charlize Theron, offered a casual, off-handed approach to the topic.

Addressing these very real concerns, she added, “Forties rock. People are so concerned for me. It’s okay. It’s such a weird thing that we put so much – I think especially for women.”

She continued, saying, “I’m so happy to be in my 40s and to not be in my 20s, like worried about whether I fit into my skinny jeans and whether I’ll be able to get in that club.”

Theron, who recently split from Sean Penn, is the mother of a young, adopted son, Jackson whom she has spoken of in previous interviews. She sidestepped talking about either of them this time around.

Perhaps alluding to the single life, she added, “‘It’s so nice to just be in love with your couch and make cheesy sandwiches and just enjoy life. It’s been great.'”

The new movie, ‘Dark Places,’ also opens in theaters on her August 7th birthday. Also reprising his role is Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman. But this time around Kristen Stewart is not in the movie, nor is Rupert Saunders, the director of the previous movie.

See the full interview here and see photos of Charlize Theron along with video below!

Photos: Charlize Theron
Credit: PR Photos

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