Behati Prinsloo opened up about her marriage to husband Adam Levine and she also shared some of her diet and fitness secrets. The model and Victoria’s Secret Angel even named some of her favorite snack foods and the one Hollywood dieting craze she refuses to be a part of.

Behati Prinsloo

Photo: Behati Prinsloo
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The 26-year-old native Namibian model is also the wife of Maroon 5 frontman and coach on NBC’s The Voice, 34-year-old Adam Levine. And, she is quickly emerging as a major force in the fashion world and has just been named the face of Juicy’s Fragrance.

As the company’s new brand ambassador she’s been making the rounds and has plenty to share with her numerous fans and admirers.

In an interview with US Weekly, she said of the honor, “I feel very Juicy, it’s exciting to be this glamorous rebel for them.”

She went on to talk about domestic wedded bliss, and said of her home life that cooking is not a main focus.
She said, “I have a friend who’s a chef and she showed me a few things, I would like to get better at that, but usually it’s takeout.” She went on to say of the extent of her culinary adventures, “I make pasta, the simple things.”

She revealed that she has been sharing some sporting adventures with husband Adam Levine, including golfing. She said, “I’m actually not a bad golfer. I was in Mexico a few years ago and there’s an amazing golf course that has no rules!”

She went on to say, “I thought this is amazing. I got the bug and started taking lessons. Now I play at my local county club and feel very fancy!

She also spoke about what it was like to meet and hang out with Rihanna after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City when the pop music superstar was a performer. She said, “She doesn’t give a What! She’s so nice and fun to hangout with, she wanted to be with us, she wasn’t intimidated.” She continued, saying, “It’s about the attitude too, she’s got it all.” US Weekly notes that in the interview she acknowledged Rihanna as her celebrity girl crush.

And, this is just the star! She had yet another revealing interview, this one with ELLE and she was quite candid about diet and what she does day by day to maintain her admirable supermodel physique.

She said of her diet, ” I always have eaten really healthy, but I’m not a diet freak. I’ve done a thing where I would eat a lot of protein and vegetables. I’ve never been an extremist. I usually carry almonds with me.”

She continued, saying, “I love to have iced green tea from Starbucks or I have just a regular Japanese tea in a green bottle. Lily [Aldridge] always has a snack bag with her and I eat all her snacks. I’m a snack stealer! Lily is like my mum. Sometimes when we travel together, she’s like, ‘I packed you a whole snack bag.'”

But as for the popular trend of juice cleanses among those in the entertainment industry, she revealed she’s not among the ranks. She said, “I tried a juice cleanse once and by the third day I wanted to kill everyone. I honestly don’t even think it’s healthy.”

She went on to add, “It’s not good for you to just drink juice. Like if you detox for one or two days fine, but a 10 or 14 day juice cleanse? You have headaches and I was in the worst moods. I couldn’t do it. Starving.”

It is a cautionary tale, as we know people go to extremes. Refreshing to hear someone who is not afraid to just say no, trend or no trend!

You can see the video of the interview with — along with red carpet photos of Behati Prinsloo, some with her husband Adam Levine — below!

Photos: Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
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