Bella Thorne opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, and dished on her role in the MTV remake of ‘Scream’ which sees her taking on a role similar to Drew Barrymore’s in the original. The actress has much to say on a variety of topics in a new interview with Teen Vogue.

Bella Thorne

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The 17-year-old actress and rising star is having quite a banner week. Not only will she be seen in the much-anticipated MTV reboot of the iconic ‘Scream’ movie of 1996 and its sequel, but she’s also in the Lifetime movie, ‘Perfect High,’ portraying a drug addict. And, no that’s not all, as she’s also among the star-studded cast of Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted 2′ and was dazzling on the red carpet at the movie’s recent premiere.

If it seems like Belle Thorne is everywhere, well, it’s because she is! She’s also quite candid, telling Teen Vogue about her boyfriend, fellow actor 23-year-old Gregg Sulkin, “Getting to know Gregg has been great. I’ve known him for six years—our families are close.”

She went on to say, “It’s hard because in this business, every boy my age wants to go out all the time and party! I’m much more of a homebody and so is Gregg. He just wants to stay in and watch Netflix.”

She continued to gush about the relationship and said, “It’s been great so far. We’re just hanging out, having fun, and getting to know each other. We’ve agreed to not see other people and are taking things slowly so we can see where it goes over the next few months.”

So there you have it; not a report from an unnamed insider, but from the star herself. The relationship with Gregg Sulkin is definitely on!

She went on to comment about how frequently he posts about her on Instagram and vice versa, saying, “Your man should definitely post about you.” She went on to say she thought that being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t Instagram is “just weird.” She added, “I think it’s also, like, “What are you trying to be? Single on Instagram?”

Also a hot topic is Belle Thorne’s role in MTV’s ‘Scream’ on the eve of its premiere. She opened up about what fans most want to hear about, the death scene, now that the spoiler is out. She said of filming the scene, “Nothing really freaks me out—I don’t care about blood or guts or anything like that.” She went on to say, “Horror films are my favorite genre, so I’ve watched a lot of people die in my lifetime.”

Thus from that perspective which she admitted “sounds very weird,” she concluded that “if you imagine getting your throat slit, it’s pretty easy to act it out.” She added, “If you think about it, you’re obviously choking on blood, which gives you the choking effect.”

Continuing her blow-by-blow reverie, she concluded, “Your neck would fall back or forward—it’s not gonna stay stiff. So if your eyes are dull and completely blank, it’s really an easy part to master.”

And for certain MTV’s ‘Scream’ has been a boost to her already increasingly prominent career, and at 17, she’s just getting started.

You can see the full Teen Vogue interview with Bella Thorne here and check out some of her red carpet photos below!

Photos: Belle Thorne
Credit: PR Photos

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