Olivia Culpo has opened up about her split from Nick Jonas in a poignant message in which she speaks of heartache and moving forward. The former Miss Universe and the pop music star and former Jonas Brothers member had dated for more than two years.

Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas

Photo: Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas
Credit: PR Photos

The 23-year-old model and beauty queen rose to fame as Miss USA before taking the international title. And, of course, dating for nearly two years the 22-year-old former teen idol Nick Jonas put her in the limelight all the more. The couple had been a fixture on the red carpet even within weeks of their split, as seen in the picture above.

But still, spit rumors were flying in recent days, and now, in an Instagram post (which you can see below), Olivia Culpo says, “Your heart just breaks, that’s all. Heartbreak is hard but you find more and more things to be grateful for every day.”

She went on to say, in her message which captions a serene photo of a sunset, “One of those things is all of you. Thank you all. Yes I’m going to be okay and I love u guys so so much. Every day is a blessing.”

She echoed those same words in a pair of Tweets. An inspiring and uplifting message for anyone with struggles, whether they be heartache, disappointment, pain, sadness or grief.” It is a process and Culpo is giving her fans and the public a large a glimpse into her own transition.

Notably, hours later, she retreeted a Tweet from one of her followers, quoting a well-known and widely Tweeted inspirational quote, “Lifes [sic] not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain. Let’s dance.”

Now in the aftermath of the split, there’s the usual flurry of stories speculating as to why they split, but until one or the other addresses, it’s all just speculation. For now, we have Olivia Culpo addressing the Nick Jonas split in the Instagram pic below.