Adam Lambert took to the stage for a live concert on Good Morning America in Central Park. Video and pictures — which you can see right here! — reveal him delivering a high-energy and exciting performance of his current and past hits. He also spoke with GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts about his musical reinvention.

Adam Lambert

Photo: Adam Lambert
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The singer-songwriter and season 8 American Idol runner up is back on the scene with a new album, “The Original High,” and in full force in the early morning hours in Central Park’s Rumsey Field. For those who may remember his glam rock image — complete with black eyeliner and nail polish, and jet black hair — the new look he was sporting in the park, with naturalistic reddish brown hair and a magenta shirt and dark pants seemed pure indie rock in contrast.

It has been a few years after all, since Adam Lambert made that indelible impression on American Idol as surely the first male to deck out in black cosmetics!

During his interview on stage with Robin Roberts, he said of the ‘The Original High’ and its title track, “It’s all about chasing that first. We all seem to do. That thing that makes us happy and alive. Yeah, whatever that is to you.”

Roberts characterized his new music as “more intimate” and he agreed, saying, “It is, it is. I wanted to pull people in.” He wen ton to say, “I wanted to get the listener and make them feel like I was singing in your ear a little bit.”

Asked if he were feeling more comfortable in his own skin, he agreed, saying, “It is and being an artist, you know, I’m doing this for six years. “Idol” was this crazy experience, such an adventure and coming off it, it’s been an up and down side-to-side journey and typing a new groove.”

Adam Lambert performed three songs for the enormous audience; opening the concert with ‘Ghost Town,’ the lead single of the album. He also performed the title track of the new album, and closed out the concert with his 2010 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit, ‘Whataya Want From Me’ which was nominated for a Grammy.

See many more pictures and watch video of Adam Lambert’s interview and performance in the GMA live concert below!

Photos: Adam Lambert
Credit: PR Photos

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