Trisha Yearwood opened up about her weight loss and fitness secrets and her philosophy of moderation. The country music superstar and host of ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ on the the Food Network had much to say on the subject of healthy living, fitness and lifestyle choices in an in-depth interview in ‘Parade. ‘

Trisha Yearwood

Photo: Trisha Yearwood
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The 50-year-old has balanced a dual career of late. While making news for the co-headlining tour with her husband, fellow country music superstar Garth Brooks she continues her cooking and lifestyle empire with not just the popular TV show, but several cookbooks and now her own line of home furnishings.

In her interview with Parade magazine, she spoke at some length on how she herself approaches healthy living and weight loss and moderation. She is, after all, known for her show, ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ which is not shy about celebrating traditional southern cooking while balancing it with some healthier alternatives.

She was asked about how she herself approaches weight loss, and she said, “I think I’m like every woman who struggles with her weight. I have ups and downs, and sometimes I’m “in the zone” and sometimes I am “off the wagon”!”

Elaborating, she said, “I try to follow what I call an 80/20 rule, which means that 80 percent of the time I make good and healthy food choices, which include lots of lean proteins, veggies and fruit. Then 20 percent of the time I indulge. That 20 percent helps me stay on track 80 percent of the time!”

And this ties in with her latest cookbook, “Trisha’s Table.” She said that it “starts by addressing the 80/20 rule. It combines the indulgent recipes that I grew up on with newer, lighter dishes that still say “comfort” to me.”

As for what to do about indulgent foods, such as the traditional southern comfort foods like fried chicken and homemade pies, and she said, “As long as you don’t do that every day, you’re ok! That’s really living to me.” She also admitted what her “guilty pleasures” are, and said they include fried chicken, potato salad and homemade on-the-grill burgers with cheddar cheese.

She was also asked about comments she had made in a previous interview in which she said she had tried a variety of diets including The logical follow-up questions, naturally, is what particular diet does she follow now.

To that, Trisha Yearwood said, “I think you just have to find what works for you, and for me, it was finally an aha moment of “You know what to do, you just need to do it.” If counting points or buying prepackaged foods or buying containers to portion your food works, then do it. I learned a lot from all of those diets, mainly that I know what I should be eating and what the portions should be. I just have to actually DO it to see results.”

She also spoke of what we would all have to agree is the harsh truth about weight loss and weight maintenance — “It’s just hard!” — and she went on to say, “I wish there was a quick fix, but the truth is what none of us really want to hear. It’s about eating less and moving more, and it takes time. It takes a lot less time to gain it than it does to lose it.”

Asked about her fitness routine, she confirmed that she is a devotee of Zumba, so much so, that she experienced a disruption in her life that led to some weight gain when she was unable to attend her regular Zumba class and work with her personal trainer when out on the road. She said, “I wasn’t cooking at home, and sometimes didn’t have a lot of opportunity to work out. I gained some weight back.”

She went on to offer some comforting words for others facing similar circumstances, saying, “Give yourself a break!” Sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to forgive yourself for putting on a few pounds.”

The message of moderation, served up Southern style continues to resonate with many as it’s led to the success of the show, which has won an Emmy, as well as to three bestselling cookbooks. You can see all of Trisha Yearwood’s interview on diet and weight loss here.