The Lady Gaga European Games opening ceremony performance of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ has gone viral; watch the full video here and find out why the stunning and emotionally powerful rendition has been become a hit on social media as it was in Azerbaijan.

Lady Gaga

Photo: Lady Gaga
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, it was quite a powerful performance of a song that has a powerful message, most especially for the inaugural European Games. Lady Gaga’s appearance at the ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan at the Olympic Stadium was a surprise and, as you can see below in the video, the audience became esthetic even as she began the opening notes.

She walked out on the grand and majestic stage as orchestral music fit for the entrance of a queen was playing. She sat at a grand piano lavishly covered with flowers. Accompanying herself, she sang the iconic lyrics. “…You may say I’m a dreamer / But I’m not the only one…”

Lady Gaga may have gotten her start as just another pop music star edging her way into our consciousness with such international hits as ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Pokerface’ and she did indeed provoked shock, and some outrage and backlash the year she showed up at the Grammys in a meat dress, but those days are long over. The true artistry of Lady Gaga is increasingly apparent, not just in her current musical collaboration and ‘Cheek to Cheek’ world tour with jazz legend Tony Bennett, but on her own she’s made her mark in recent months.

She stunned us at the Oscars this year singing the familiar songs from ‘The Sound of Music’ and now, another unexpected and amazing performance. It’s clear that she doesn’t need all the wigs, the impossibly high heels, the odd costumes; her musicianship and her voice already have made her a star. It’s just taking the world some time to get caught up.

After the performance, she Tweeted, “What an honor to have a few moments with the world watching. Could you imagine. What would you say?”

Watch the amazing video of the Lady Gaga European Games opening ceremony performance below!