Beyonce talked about her vegan diet weight loss success on camera for the first time, revealing details of the plant-based diet created by celebrity trainer Marco Borges. She also spoke openly about her weight struggles over the years.


Photo: Beyonce
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While it’s not a secret, this prerecorded interview on GMA marked the first time the 33-year-old music superstar has spoken on camera about her vegan diet.

She confirmed that she is following celebrity trainer Marco Borges’ 22-day revolution diet, which is a well-known plant-based diet that’s received a lot of attention in recent years, as such plant-based diets are becoming increasingly mainstream. She and her husband Jay Z famously took Borges’ 22-Day Vegan Challenge back 2013, and as Beyonce revealed, since then, she has never looked back. Borges also appeared in the GMA segment and spoke about the diet.

In the GMA interview, she was outspoken in saying that she is “not naturally the thinnest woman” but that, yes, she is “proud of my curves.” She then went on to speak out and say that she has “struggled since a young age with diets.” But this time around, she says that “the weight stayed off.” She went on to say the benefits have been far beyond mere weight loss, noting for instance that her skin has improved; she said it had become “really firm” and “tight.”

She also opened up about the vegan food delivery service she has started in partnership with Marco Borges. For his part, Borges offered viewers some tips and pointers as he stressed the importance also of getting 30 minutes of daily exercise and drinking plenty of water.

Yes, Beyonce has been among the fortunate women in the public eye who has largely evaded the pervasive fat shaming that’s become such an unfortunate sport for some. She has been the embodiment, literally, of “Bootylicious” for years and she is famous for her curvaceousness. She recently caused quite a sensation at the Met Gala as she worse a sheer dress (pictures below) which, let’s say, serve as evidence of her success.

Watch the full video of Beyonce’s vegan diet and weight loss interview on GMA below!

Photos: Beyonce
Credit: PR Photos

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