Charli XCX rocked the Today Show with a crowd pleasing live performance in New York City at The Plaza in Rockefeller Center; see all the photos and the videos here! She also took part in a lively interview and spoke about her musical success. Her live performance even featured a surprise guest appearance from fun vocalist Jack Antonoff vocalist.

Charli XCX

Photo: Charli XCX
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The 22-year-old British singer-songwriter is a rising pop music superstar. Yes, she was the featured artist on Australian rapper Iggy Azala’s ‘Fancy’ which was, without dispute last year’s summer smash. Along the way, she also ruled the airwaves and the digital outlets with a smash hit of her own, ‘Boom Clap’ from the movie soundtrack album for ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’

Her new album, which also features the song, has produced a number of hits including ‘Famous’ and ‘Doing It.’ The latter was among the songs she performed live on Today Show on The Plaza at Rockefeller Center.

Her previously unannounced musical guest, as noted, was none other than Jack Antonoff of the band fun, and his new side project Bleachers. He also who incidentally is also Lena Dunham’s longtime boyfriend. And also, not incidentally, he and Charli XCX are tour mates this summer on a coheadlining tour.

Later in the studio, she opened up about a variety of topics and even revealed that her celebrity crush is Bill Murray whom she said was “the best.”

She also revealed how she got her stage name. She said, “Charli XCX’ was actually my MSN screen name, when that was still in existence. When it came round to thinking of an artist name, I was just really lazy. I’ll just use my online screen name.’ And it kind of stuck.”

And indeed it’s rapidly becoming a household name so we’ll all have to get used to spelling it properly without an “e” on the end!

See photos and video of Charli XCX on the Today Show, rocking The Plaza below!

Photos: Charli XCX
Credit: PR Photos

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