Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss success is generating a buzz and the Mike & Molly star herself is opening up and revealing her secrets to success. Find out what she has to say and see some stunning before and after photos!

Melissa McCarthy

Photo: Melissa McCarthy
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The 44-year-old actress has been making the rounds all over the world on the red carpet for her new movie, the Paul Feig directed comedy ‘Spy,’ and everywhere she goes she’s generated a buzz for her clearly evident weight loss. Some news outlets claim 50 pounds, but she herself has not confirmed a number.

Regardless of a number she’s looking slimmed down and glowing and is more than willing to talk about it. So, it’s not a case this time of body shaming as she’s leading the discussion herself, although, this is within the context of an excessive focus on women’s bodies and shapes these days which finally — long overdue — is being called out.

Gayle King of CBS This Morning broached the topic (video below), telling the star she looked “great.” Then King began to pry for some details, as she asked her point blank said, “You’re doing something that’s working for you. Do you want to say what it is?”

Being the comedian first and foremost, McCarthy quipped, “Just crying a lot. I’m crying off the pounds.”

On a more serious note she opened up and said, “I feel amazing and I finally said, “Oh, for God sakes, stop worrying about it’ and it may be the best thing I’ve ever done.”

We can surmise that she’s taking fitness seriously at least to the extent that it’s enabled her to do many of her own stunts for the movie ‘Spy,’ as she is something she has spoken of in interviews.

Beyond that it’s all speculation, and some celebrity news outlets have quotes from the usual unnamed insiders who claim to know her secrets. She is said to be on a low carb diet but as of yet she has not confirmed these reports.

But on the other hand, she’s been quite vocal and is making news for launching her own clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, set to hit stores soon. In a recent interview, she famously said of it, “People don’t stop at size 12.”

But when one can stroll the red carpet with confident and receive many accolades, that’s testament enough! You can check out many recent photos of Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss success below, alongside some “before” pictures!

Photos: Melissa McCarthy
Credit: PR Photos

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