Laverne Cox pays tribute to Caitlyn Jenner in a moving essay. As ‘The Orange Is the New Black’ star praised her for her courage, the former Bruce Jenner in turn speaks movingly of Cox as a pioneer in a behind-the-scenes video of the Vanity Fair photo shoot in which she revealed her identity.

 Laverne Cox

Photo: Laverne Cox
Credit: PR Photos

The Olympic legend and, in recent years, patriarch on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ has made history, as she has revealed her true identity in a stunning photo shoot and cover story in Vanity Fair.

It was just a year ago that the trailblazing transgender actress Laverne Cox made history for her cover story in TIME magazine and she took to Tumblr to pay tribute to Caitlyn Jenner and to celebrate all the advances that have been made towards society’s acceptance and embrace of transgender men and women.

She began her emotional and glowing tribute saying, “On May 29, 2014, the issue of timemagazine magazine which proclaimed the “Transgender Tipping Point” was revealed with me on the cover. June 1, 2015 a year and 3 days later, Caitlyn Jenner’s vanityfair cover was revealed proclaiming #CallMeCaitlyn I am so moved by all the love and support Caitlyn is receiving.”

She went on to say, “It feels like a new day, indeed, when a trans person can present her authentic self to the world for the first time and be celebrated for it so universally. Many have commented on how gorgeous Caitlyn looks in her photos, how she is “slaying for the Gods.” I must echo these comments in the vernacular, “Yasss Gawd! Werk Caitlyn! Get it!”

Laverne Cox continued her essay speaking of the importance of this moment in history, and went on to note that while Jenner is a beautiful woman in a stunning series of photos, she went on to speak about the deeper meaning, saying that what “is most beautiful about her is her heart and soul, the ways she has allowed the world into her vulnerabilities.”

For her part, Caitlyn Jenner spoke, in a behind-the-scenes video of the Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, of how she feels to have had Laverne Cox as pioneers and trailblazers. The two stars are friends and have been in touch with each other throughout Jenner’s transition. She said, in part, “There are a lot of very intelligent women. You look at some of the people, the pioneers that tried to get the message out — Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Geena Rocero, people like that.”

Jenner went on to reflect upon her own history, saying, “Back in the ’80s, I was alone. And I’m kind of following in their footsteps. They made it easier for me. I hope, with my honesty, I can make it easier for somebody else down the line.”

Of that there is no doubt. Jenner has received praise far and wide and has, to use our current measure of significance, “broken the Internet” ever since the unveiling of the cover and her real identity. She is also set to receive the ESPYs Arthur Ashe Courage Award this year. Yes, there is no doubt that people young and old who may have felt alone or alienated or struggled with self-acceptance now have a new and powerful role model standing alongside Laverne Cox and many others.

The full text of Laverne Cox’s tribute is here and watch Caitlyn Jenner pay tribute to Laverne Cox in the video below!