Kelli Garner opens up about what it was like to portray the iconic title character of ‘The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe’ in the Lifetime channel miniseries, and talks about her preparation for the role, what she learned through the experience and much more.

Kelli Garner

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The 31-year-old actress is just the latest to portray the legendary Marilyn Monroe who died tragically young at 36 in 1962 and whose life story has been brought to the big screen and small screen countless time. For the record,
IMDb counts 192 times. Some of the actresses who have had the task in the past have included Misty Rowe, Mira Sorvino, Catherine Hicks, Michelle Williams, and Poppy Montgomery just to name a few.

No doubt it is a daunting undertaking for any actress at any stage of her career and with any degree of fame in her own right. Perhaps one of the most celebrated screen legends of all time and one with whom public fascination seems to grow year after year.

Marilyn Monroe is an icon, yes, and even more than 50 years after her death a looming presence on our pop culture, influencing fashion and beauty trends.

So part of the fascination with this new miniseries is not just that we can’t get enough of Marilyn Monroe, but there’s also a fascination over the latest woman to portray her. Dutifully, she has been making the rounds and satisfying some of our curiosity.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she revealed what she herself learned in prepping for this dream role in the Lifetime miniseries ‘The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,’ based on the book of the same title by J. Randy Taraborrelli. She said,

She said, “I didn’t realize the fortitude she had. I didn’t realize the great work ethic she had. She’s a fighter, hard worker. She’s a perfectionist — I think I share that with her. I didn’t know how hard-core of a perfectionist she was until I started reading about it.”

She was also asked how seh felt upon seeing herself costumed and made up as Marilyn Monroe, and she said, “I think I might have shed a tear at one point because everyone just worked so hard, and I’ll never look more beautiful than being made up to try and look like the most beautiful woman that quite possibly ever walked the face of the Earth.”

She continued, saying, “It was nice to look in the mirror and not feel silly, so that I could just do my job. I could rely on the wig, great makeup and beautiful costumes, and now I can just do my job rather than being concerned that I look weird or terrible. I was like, “Alright great. Good work, guys. Now it’s my turn.”

You can see the full interview here. Check out the red carpet photos of Kelli Garner at the premiere of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe below!

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Photos: Kelli Garner
Credit: PR Photos