Natalie Imbruglia opens up about Prince Harry and One Direction’s Harry Styles and other men she has been romantically linked to. The Australian singer’s comments have gone viral, such as is often the case when one is trying to set the record straight about rumors. Get the details here.

Natalie Imbruglia

Photo: Natalie Imbruglia
Credit: PR Photos

The 40-year-old Australian singer rose to fame with her breakthrough hit ‘Torn,’ in the 1990s. Formerly married to Silverchair’s frontman, Daniel Johns — divorced in 2008 — she has been linked to a staggering number of celebrities from Prince Harry to One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Now, as such rumors flourish and live on and on regardless of confirmation or denials of the parties involved, nonetheless, Natalie Imbruglia took the opportunity to weigh in as she spoke with the Australian publication Red Magazine Her comments have gone viral, particularly in her native Australia but they’ve also found their way around the world, such as is often the case.

Yes, Natalie Imbruglia opened up about her past relationships. She began, saying, that after her divorce she was “doing lots of crazy stuff.”

She then proceeded to admit to some relationships and to deny others. She said of Prince Harry, “No. I know him. But no.” The magazine goes on to note that when asked about One Direction’s Harry Styles “she looks straight ahead, says ‘no’ and rolls her eyes.”

Of Colplay frontman Chris Martins, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-husband, she said ambiguously, ““We are mates and I haven’t seen him in ages.”

She confirmed she was once involved with ‘Friends’ stars David Schwimmer, and said, “Yes, that was a happy relationship.”

As for her current relationship status, she told Red Magazine, that she was single. She also opened up about children and said, “Would I have one on my own? I would. I am not at that point yet but I am not opposed to the idea. I’ve got time.”

She went on to weigh in on the topics of aging and women in entertainment which has gotten more attention than usual. She said, “You know, when you are in Hollywood and you say your age they shush you? “I think that’s disgusting.”

She went on to say she was “fine” about aging “at the moment.” But she did concede, “Ask me in five years, I might be having a meltdown.”

And in the meantime, we will be seeing and hearing more from the ‘Torn’ singer, as her new album, ‘Male’ is due out this summer and is her first in six years. It’s an album of covers of songs made famous by male singers hence the title.

You can see Natalie Imbruglia’s Red magazine interview here.