Sherri Shepherd returned to ‘The View’ for the first time since she was a co-host. The video, which you can see here, has gone viral as she opens up about her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, and the custody battle that has put them in the news.

Sherri Shepherd

Photo: Sherri Shepherd
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Yes, the 48-year-old actress and comedian returned for the first time in nearly a year. And ‘The View’ has been very much in flux in the past year and has seen much on screen and off screen drama, including the departure (for the second time) of Rosie O’Donnell. While the show was not live, for the viewing public it has been unfolding in real time on social media as many react.

She took her place alongside regular co-host Nicolle Wallace, and guest co-hosts Raven Symone and Paula Faris. Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie Perez were not on the show.

Sherri Shepherd has been in the news of late in the aftermath of a landmark court ruling in which she was declared the legally the mother, and thus financially responsible, for the 9-month-old son via a surrogate that her ex-husband Lamar Sally and she would have raised together, had they not had the contentious split and resultant divorce.

With this proverbial elephant in the room, it was a matter of not if but when. And the “when” took all by surprise, as the discussion turned to personal topics and Sherri Shepherd spoke glowingly of her 10-year-old son, Jeffrey, from her first marriage, to Jeff Tarpley, and even said she was helping him with homework.

Raven Symoné then said, “I want a baby so bad. I’ve wanted one since I was 15.”

This prompted Sherri Shepherd to say, “Girl, I got one or two you could have of mine.”

Later in another segment, she revealed she was quite content to continue speaking about her former husband and their split. She said, “I actually feel like, if I had listened to my best friends, I wouldn’t be having a million attorneys in my life right now.” She added, “You know what Barbara Walters told my boyfriend? ‘If you hurt Sherri Shepherd, I’ll kill you.'”

She continued, saying, “My best friends told me all the stuff that I’m going through now, all the best friends who told me, ‘Sherri, don’t do this.’ Especially Whoopi Goldberg. She was one who came to my room every day and was like, ‘Here’s the red flags.’ ”

Yes, as is often the case, ‘The View’ and its hot topics became rather hot, and have drawn much notice. Longtime viewers will remember that back in the days when they were dating, Shepherd was equally vocal about then-boyfriend Lamar Sally.

Watch the full discussion as Sherri Shepherd talks about her estranged husband Lamar Sally and the custody battle in the video below.