Sam Shepard was arrested in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The legendary playwright and actor faces charges for alleged aggravated DUI. See the mugshot photo of the ‘Bloodlines’ star and find out more about what led to his being in police custody for the second time in recent years.

Sam Shepard

Photo: Sam Shepard

The arrest of the 71-year-old Pulitzer-prize winning playwright and Oscar-nominated actor has made international news and along with that, the usual frantic search to find the Sam Sheppard booking photo (above) which has quickly gone viral. Sadly, the renown multi-hyphenate looks worse for the wear.

According to E!News, quoting a spokesperson with Santa Fe Police Department Sam Shepard was attempting to drive his blue Tacoma pickup truck out of the parking lot of La Choza restaurant. A security guard at the restaurant noting that he was trying to drive with the emergency brake on called the police.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, police approached him and observed that he smelled of alcohol and “had bloodshot, watery eyes.” He told police he had two tequila drinks at the restaurant and failed the field sobriety tests.

He was arrested and booked into Santa Fe County Jail. Because he had refused to take the Breathalyzer, he was thus charged with aggravated DUI.

It marks Shepard’s second arrest for DUI; previously he was arrested in Normal, Illinois. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced a $600 fine and community service.

While currently known to many as a cast member of the Netflix drama ‘Bloodlines,’ Shepard long-ago earned distinction as a playwright; his drama ‘Buried Child’ received the Pulitzer Prize. Back in the 1980s, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of test pilot Chuck Yeager in ‘The Right Stuff,’ based on Tom Wolfe’s bestselling nonfiction book about the early beginnings of the space program. He’s also known as the longtime former partner of Jessica Lange; the couple was together since the mid-1980s and split in 2009.

Check back for updates in the developing story of the DUI arrest of Sam Shepard.