Rihanna stars in the Dior Secret Garden IV – Versailles. The full-length ad runs more than four minutes and features her new song, ‘If only for a Night,’ which is from her highly anticipated as-yet untitled album. It’s quickly gone viral much like a music video.


Photo: Rihanna
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, it’s a blurring of boundaries. A cosmetic company’s ad that is also a teaser for a pop music superstar’s song. And beyond that there’s a bit of history here, too, as the 28-year-old is the first black woman ever to be the face of Christian Dior. She’s among the stellar company of Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence who are also currently fronting for the legendary fashion house.

Times are changing in many ways, all at once, and in the midst of it, we’re all treated to a captivating visual narrative directed by famed fashion photographer Steven Klein. All that and the setting is none other than the Palace of Versailles.

Rihanna, of course, has long been a fashion icon, and certainly a provocative one, having reportedly been banned by Instagram for a time because of her daring pictures. And too there was that time that she caused quite a sensation when she showed up at the annual CFDA Awards wearing an Adam Selman gown that, without exaggeration was made of see-through fabric.

And now, it’s the perfect blending here, as she is the face of Dior and elegant in no less than three costume changes, from red to black to white; three gorgeous gowns.

And yes, there is the new song which is variously reported to be titled ‘A Night’ and ‘If only a Night.’ Either way, it’s a teaser as we get just a few glimmers. But by now we’re used to being teased with new music, and similarly not surprised if and when a full version suddenly leaks.

Notably, the two songs that she has released in full, “B-tch Better Have My Money” and “American Oxygen” have failed to become the international hits we might have imagined them to be. So who knows, this latest song just might be the charm and a summer hit at that.

The pop superstar herself Tweeted, saying, ““So excited to be a part of this @Dior campaign.” Watch the much-anticipated full-length version of Rihanna in ‘Dior Secret Garden IV – Versailles’ below!