The death Anne Meara at age 85 has prompted an enormous reaction on Twitter. The comedy legend, one half-of a duo with her husband Jerry Stiller and the mother of Ben Stiller is with us no more and many in the entertainment world pay tribute. Here is a roundup of what is being said of the pioneering comedian and actress.

Anne Meara

Photo: Anne Meara
Credit: PR Photos

During Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. the whole world learned the sad news that on May 23rd in Manhattan, the actress and comedian had died. She had been married to Jerry Stiller for 61 years, and the two for many years were the comedy duo Stiller and Meara; professional collaborators for approximately that many years as well.

While younger generations may know of her mainly for her roles in ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘King of Queens'(along with her husband Jerry Stiller) or perhaps as Ben Stiller’s mother. She was one of those trailblazing entertainers — comedian, playwright and actress — who is already enshrined in cinematic and television history.

So much of what we take for granted of comedy is because of such pioneers as How easy it is to forget that, and to take for granted the brazen styles and irreverence of comedy. But someone always has to venture out, and to set the trends at a time when what now seems second nature was previously unheard of. As such she and her husband were early members of an improvisational theater troupe known as Compass Players. While that name may not ring a bell, no doubt Second City, an evolution of the troupe, certainly does. She and her husband dominated both the theater world and the television world beginning in the 1960s. Now in her passing, many are turning to Wikipedia and learning of her long and distinguished career.

And it is social media in general and Twitter in particular that celebrities and fans alike will turn when a celebrity dies and as is always the case, there has been an outpouring on Twitter.

Here is a roundup of what is being said.

Reactions to the death of Anne Meara continue to pour in, as continue to be trending topics on Twitter and many continue to share condolences, remembrances, and love for the comedy icon who very sadly is no longer among us.