Jane Fonda graces the cover of W magazine and makes history as the publication’s oldest cover star, at age 77. The legendary actress opens up about aging, plastic surgery, her thoughts on being a fashion icon and more in an in-depth interview.

Jane Fonda

Photo: Jane Fonda
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The Oscar-winning actress at age 77 has bragging rights and then some. She certainly has many wondering what her secrets are for such youthfulness. Every time she hits the red carpet, the world collectively rediscovers how gorgeous she still is, thus defying any stereotypes of what a septuagenarian looks like.

Most recently she was a sensation at Cannes rocking a Versace gown with cutouts. And currently she co-stars with Lily Tomlin in the Netflix series ‘Grace and Frankie,’ and she has been making the publicity rounds.

Jane Fonda told W magazine, “I think it’s a hoot that, at my age, people are calling me a fashion icon.” Speaking of her outfit at the Oscars which quite literally caused a sensation, she went on to add, “I suppose I’ve always known what I like on my body. I took one look at that Balmain jumpsuit, and I said, ‘That’s it!’ I’m best when I’m wearing something structured, with no frills or bows. Something that will show my waist and bum, because I’ve always had a good bum.”

And indeed, no one can argue that for decades, Jane Fonda has had an enviable figure, and many still remember her from the 1980s when her career as a fitness guru and indeed the queen of aerobics overshadowed an already distinguished acting career.

In the interview, she spoke about her struggles with self-acceptance, and said, ” “Truthfully, my relationship to fashion has always been strained,” she began, and went on to explain, “When I was starting out as an actress in New York, I worked as a model because I needed to pay for acting classes. But I didn’t have what it took to be a model. I hated all the emphasis on how I looked, and I never paid much attention to clothes.”

She also opened up about her decision to have plastic surgery. She drew headlines a few years ago, for being so candid in the admission. Reflecting on the cosmetic enhancements, she said, “I did have plastic surgery. I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve had it.” The actress, who, in the 1960s, was once known as the iconic bikini-clad Barbarella, went on to say, “But I grew up so defined by my looks. I was taught to think that if I wanted to be loved, I had to be thin and pretty. That leads to a lot of trouble.”

Now many years later, she is on a mission. She said, “I realized I didn’t have a lot of time left, and I wanted to pay more attention…I had a vision: I wanted to give a cultural face to older women.”

And fortunately, these days, she is not alone in that; many actresses are openly defying our stereotypes. Among them Helen Mirren and Sophia Loren. Perhaps some day not too far in the future we won’t even have to marvel that a 77-year-old woman is on the cover of a major fashion magazine.

You can see the Jane Fonda W cover and photo shoot here.

Photos: Jane Fonda
Credit: PR Photos

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