The Nicki Minaj and Beyonce ‘Feeling Myself’ music video premiere was, yes, a surprise. It made its unannounced debut on Tidal, Jay Z’s music streaming service. If the Internet has not been broken, it’s buckling as the usual frenzy ensues.

Beyonce Nicki Minaj

Photo: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj
Credit: PR Photos

Once again, we must not be surprised that we have been surprised. Once again, a Nicki Minaj collaboration with Beyonce arrives, yes, by surprise. If we were to get days of preview clips and teasing posters, now that would really be a surprise, signalling that they’re going old school with their marketing just to keep us guessing.

But nonetheless this time, we get a surprise music video. What’s less of a surprise is that it’s available only at Jay Z’s Tidal music streamign service for a price. First there was the Rihanna music video premiere, and then there was Jay Z himself streaming a concert. Tidal is determined to get us to plunk down our cash to listen.

And what a video it is, with Beyonce and Nicki Minaj romping around in swimsuits and lounging around a kiddie swimming pool. It’s about what you could expect when two music superstars known for their curvy physiques made a video for a song with the title ‘Feeling Myself.’ There just might be an uptick yet in Tidal subscriptions.

While we’ve seen videos premiere even on the sides of buildings, as in the case of Kanye West, and on Snapchat, in the case of Madonna, we’ve typically found our videos on more likely places such as YouTube or VEVO.

Thus, as the music video made its splash, so to speak, on Tidal, VEVO could only look on and Tweet: “welp… ”

‘Feeling Myself’ is the latest single from ‘The Pinkprint,’ Nicki Minaj‚Äôs third studio album and it’s suddenly become very popular!

Social media is in a frenzy, access or no access. You can hear the song below. But as for the Beyonce and Nicki Minaj ‘Feeling Myself’ music video, well, for now it’s only here.