Tina Fey paid tribute to David Letterman’s retirement by taking off her dress, in a #LastDressEver tribute. Naturally, the video, which you can see here, has gone viral. Yes, the former ’30 Rock’ star literally stripped down to her underwear on the show, and the take-off was quite a send-off.

Tina Fey

Photo: Tina Fey
Credit: PR Photos

There are heartwarming tributes, and then, there are tributes that, let’s say, become iconic moments for reasons that are not necessarily heartwarming. Tina Fey’s #LastDressEver falls into that category.

Who says a show that’s been on the air since the early 1990s and has already many memorable moments enshrined in television history can’t stand to have a few more.

That obviously must have been Tina Fey’s reasoning. But, in preparing David Letterman, and the audience for what was about to happen, she did have quasi-feminist line of reasoning. She said, “I’m never going to wear another fancy dress on a talk show again.” She went on to explain that wearing a dress on television was a major effort. She said it was “very hard work” and went on to say, “I don’t know if you’re aware of the contraptions under here.” She added, “it’s almost medical.”

She went on to note that she wore dresses on ‘Late Show’ ” out of respect for you.” Fey then went on to say, “I’m not going to wear put on a dress for [Tonight Show host] Jimmy [Fallon]. That’s creepy. He’s like my brother.” She went on to say, “special underwear for [Late Late Show host ]James Corden? Not gonna happen.”

And with her rationale duly explained, Tina Fey then told David Letterman, “My gift to you is I want to give you the dress.”

She then took of the dress, revealing a black leotard, emblazoned with white letters above her crotch, “Bye Dave!” and “#LastDressEver” emblazoned on her derriere. Yes, complete with social media friendly hashtag and, needless to say, was trending on Twitter for hours thereafter.

It was clearly not a planned moment, as David Letterman’s shocked reaction is priceless. He was rendered nearly speechless, uttering, “For heaven’s sake” and finally, “God bless you dear.”

You can see the full video of Tina Fey taking off her dress for David Letterman in her #LastDressEver tribute below!