Nick Loeb opened up about the frozen embryos custody battle with his ex-fiance Sofia Vergara in his first television interview on the subject since the court case has made headlines and he has penned an op-ed for ‘The New York Times.’

Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara

Photo: Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara
Credit: PR Photos

It marked the first interview that the 39-year-old New York businessman Nick Loeb has given. He spoke exclusively with Hoda Kotb on the Today Show about the custody battle with his former fiance, the 42-year-old ‘Modern Family’ star Sofia Vergara who is now engaged to 38-year-old Joe Manganiello.

He said of the highly publicized battle, “It has nothing to do with whether it’s her baby or a baby. Lives were already created. I wouldn’t toss them aside.”

It began as a private matter — he filed in Santa Monica court using pseudonyms as he pointed out in his New York Times op-ed, titled, “Our Frozen Embryos Have a Right to Live” — and now it has turned into a tabloid drama.

He noted in the interview that these circumstances were unforeseen. Loeb said, “We actually signed these forms way at the very beginning, before all the process happened. You know, none of the forms really discuss what would happen in the event of a separation.”

He went on to say, “After signing the forms, we actually went through the process of creating life, putting it into a surrogate once, putting it in to a surrogate a second time.” He then said that they began that process all over again to “create new lives” and that “there was no thought of ‘Well, now she’s going to change her mind, and now we’re not going to do it.'” He went on to say, “I always assumed, with our agreement, that we were going to agree to take these full term.”

He also said, “I’ve offered to her to waive all financial responsibilities. I want these children to have the best lives possible … There’s nothing more that I want to do than bring these children to life.”

During the interview Hota Kotb addressed the criticism that Loeb has received that through this process he is attempting to remain in Sofia Vergara’s life. He said in response, “I have tremendous respect for Sofia. She’s very successful; she’s very smart. This is not something that’s new.”

He added that their relationship “has nothing to do with this at all,” and — echoing some of what he had spoken of in the New York Times op-ed — he went on to say, “This has to do with bigger, really moral, legal, ethical concepts about lives we’ve already created.”

The custody battle continues, as of yet unresolved in the legal system as both have spoken out publicly now that their private matter has become public. Watch the full Nick Loeb interview video below.