Kim Kardashian’s book signing for her new book of selfies, ‘Selfish’ in New York City brings with it many photos and video, which you can see here, of the KUWTK star in sheer, skin tight white lace and a tight white skirt to match. Along with the eyeful, there was also controversy as well. Get the details!

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Kim Kardashian
Credit: PR Photos

Kim Kardashian was at Barnes & Noble on in New York City. Fans had stayed up all night, to get a good spot in line for the book signing. She was beautifully attired in a white lace bodysuit and a white pencil skirt, hugging, as always, her famous and highly bankable assets.

Which brings us to the point, that yes, the KUWTK star was there to celebrate the publication of her new book,’Selfish,’ a glossy picture book published by the famed publisher Rizzoli and listed under their “photography” section alongside the likes of such titles as ‘Picasso and the Camera.’

For a list price of just a few pennies shy of twenty dollars, the reader — or perhaps more to the point, the viewer — can own a 400+ page book of glossy print selfie photographs of Kim Kardashian.

Her book signing event had drawn much attention for the ironic fact that selfies were banned at the book signing for a book about selfies. But then again, the title of the book is ‘Selfish.’ Needless to say it’s launched a number of stinging headlines.

Not least, a video has gone viral (which you can see below) of anti-fur protesters confronting Kim Kardashian as she sits at the table, signing books. She continues signing and smiling and ignores the protestors who are escorted away.

But later, Kim Kardashian did have her say on a few topics in an on-the-scene interview with Extra TV’s AJ Calloway (which you can also see below). She about the ‘Selfish’ book and how it came about. She said, “My first selfie was in 1984, and that opens the book, and it is in chronological order. Then I start in 2006 when I started to take a lot of photos and selfies.”

She also noted that it was her husband Kanye West’s idea to do the book. She said, “I thought it was a great and clever idea, so he connected me with a book publisher and we made it happen.”

And, as we say, the rest is history, and is there any doubt the book will be a bestseller? Below, you can check out the photos and the video of Kim Kardashian at the book signing for ‘Selfish,’ her book of selfies!

Photos: Kim Kardashian
Credit: PR Photos

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