Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’ lyric video has had its premiere the same day the song is released to radio. The EDM dance track has caused a sensation as it makes its way online and the entertainment world reacts to the long-awaited new music.

Adam Lambert

Photo: Adam Lambert
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, indeed, the 33-year-old pop music superstar who got his start on American Idol several years ago is back with a new album set for release later in the spring, ‘The Original High,’ executive-produced by hitmaker producers Max Martin and Shellback.

‘Ghost Town’ is the lead single. It’s been nearly three years since we had new music from Adam Lambert, and from the immense reception to this song it’s clear that it’s long overdue.

He spoke about the song in an interview with Hunger TV, saying of it, “The first single feels like the perfect introduction to The Original High.”

He went on to speak of his artistic intentions, and added, “It establishes itself in a very earthy, vulnerable way and transforms into a hypnotic dream full of surreal imagery and set to a minimal yet massive deep house beat. The hook will worm its way into your ears after the first listen. Get ready!”

Indeed, if anything it’s an understatement. We can expect many a remix of this dance track as ‘Ghost Town’ hits the club scene all over the world. Chart topping success over the summer wouldn’t be a surprise either.

He went on to say of the album, in general, “It’s a little scary to be that vulnerable, but I’m ready to let people understand all that makes me tick, even the unattractive parts of me.”

The ‘Ghost Town’ lyrics are quite intense, with such lines as “Died last night in my dreams / Walking the streets / Of some old ghost town…” And yet, as the song continues, the deep house influence and the driving beat become infectious as we are dancing to a song of heartache and longing. And that’s just the start of what appears to be an exciting new chapter in Lambert’s musical evolution.

While we wait for the ‘The Original High’ album and more music, thankfully we can listen to Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town;’ lyric video is below!