Lady Gaga gave a stunningly beautiful performance at the 87th Oscars in tribute to ‘The Sound of Music’ 50th anniversary. She sang many of the iconic songs –including ‘Climb Every Mountain’ — as Julie Andrews herself was present in the audience.

Lady Gaga

Photo: Lady Gaga
Credit: PR Photos

The 28-year-old pop music superstar had only hinted at her performance during a red carpet interview. And little did we know what was in store, just a few hours later.

As we heard the voice, we could almost imagine, in those opening bars that we were hearing Julie Andrews herself as Maria in her 1965 heyday. The voice was stunning, the performance, deeply emotional, moving held the Hollywood A list audience spellbound. The medley of songs — “The Hills Are Alive,” “My Favorite Things” and “Climb Every Mountain” — oh so familiar and oh so beautifully sung.

We can only assume the rest of the worldwide audience was spellbound given the chorus of reactions on social media. Haters may hate, but Lady Gaga delivered a memorable performance of the medley of classics that are forever enshrined in our memories.

And, after the performance, the legend herself, Julie Andrews, not only gave the singer a warm embrace, but she uttered, in her British accent, the words that became instantly a trending topic on Twitter “Dear Lady Gaga.”

Well, it was startling to hear worlds collide, ‘The Sound of Music’ of the 1900s and the ‘Pokerface’ and ‘Fame Monster’ singer of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

It’s been quite a momentous few months for the pop icon, as she recently announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney and her album and tour with jazz legend Tony Bennett has proved to be a success.

Could a Broadway revival of ‘The Sound of Music’ with Lady Gaga as Maria be in the future?

If there were naysayers, she certainly more than proved them to be without just cause for such nay saying. And, it’s been quite a journey from the shocking meat dress at the Grammys years ago to this impeccable, and indeed iconic performance of songs from a musical that is indeed a cultural treasure around the world.

Watch Lady Gaga’s exciting performance in the replay video below!