Taylor Swift has premiere her music video for ‘Style’ and Dominic Sherwood, her sexy male costar, is getting much of the attention. After making quite the impression in her ‘Blank Space’ music video, he’s back for round two, and the Internets couldn’t be happier.

Taylor Swift

Photo: Taylor Swift
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, once again Taylor Swift makes headlines with a new video further cementing her new place in pop music history. The country-pop days are now far behind in the rear-view mirror. First there was ‘Shake it Off,’ then ‘Blank Space’ and now ‘Style.’ Surely it’s destined to become another No. 1 hit. It is also reportedly inspired by her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction.

The video was to have had its debut on ‘Good Morning America’ with much fanfare, but found its way online earlier than scheduled. Nonetheless, other than sabotaging the all-important opportunity to shatter a record on VEVO for the most views in the first 24 hours, no real harm was done. It was the complete video, rather than some rough approximation leaking days if not weeks or months ahead of schedule, as we have sometimes seen.

But who was really concerned with VEVO records at this point when there was that handsome actor, Dominic Sherwood, as Taylor Swift’s love object. He proved irresistible in the moody and sometimes melancholic clip chronicling the allegedly real life dissolution of a relationship via some artsy symbolism and atmospheric cinematic scenes. As for Sherwood himself, he is an up-and-coming star, he’s known mainly for his role in the movie, ‘Vampire Academy.’

And, as noted, it is unmistakably pure pop music and being very well received! No controversies have arisen with this one; no claims of cultural approbation or exploitation of any kind. And a young actor is getting quite a career boost.

See photos of Dominic Sherwood and watch Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ video below!

Photos: Dominic Sherwood and Taylor Swift
Credit: PR Photos
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