Florence + The Machine…new album? Yes, not a rumor! ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ is the long-awaited third album and its release date was announced and a new music video, premiered for the lead single, ‘What Kind of Man.’ For fans of the famed British indie rock band fronted by Florence Welch this news is greeted with much excitement.

Florence Welch

Photo: Florence Welch
Credit: PR Photos

It’s been quite a while since Florence + The Machine have released a new album, and the news quickly went viral. A new album announcement can still command attention these days even as music artists find themselves in the news for a variety of non-musical reasons from arrests, to photo leaks to one-of-a-kind antics at the Grammys (yes, that would be Kanye West of course).

So now that the world is losing interest in the Grammy Awards aftermath, it’s time for some real and exciting developments in the musical journey of a famed artist. As Rolling Stone reports, Florence Welch wrote all of the 11 tracks on the new album with producer Markus Dravs.

It is the group’s first new album since Ceremonials of 2011. The more prominent of the members are the aforementioned frontwoman and lead vocalist and keyboardist Isabella Summers. Rounding out the band’s current lineup are Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Tom Monger, Mark Saunders, Rusty Bradshaw and Sam White.

Ever since their rise to fame in 2009 with their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Lungs’ Florence + The Machine have had a loyal following among critics and fans ever since. Florence Welch, with her powerful voice and commanding stage presence has made the group a perennial favorite in the music festival circuit.

As for the music video, Florence Welch is front and center and dancing throughout in the clip which was directed directed by Vincent Haycock.

The tracklisting of ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ is below followed by the music video.

1. “Ship to Wreck”
2. “What Kind of Man”
3. “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”
4. “Queen of Peace”
5. “Various Storms and Saints”
6. “Delilah”
7. “Long and Lost”
8. “Caught”
9. “Third Eye”
10. “St Jude”
11. “Mother”

Great news for fans as those magic words — Florence + The Machine…new album! — are no longer a dream, and ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ is set to arrive in stores and online on June 2nd!