Sophie B. Hawkins, pregnant at 50, has broken the news herself and is sharing her story with the world. The singer is expecting a baby girl and revealed her exciting news and the details of anticipating motherhood for the second time around, and giving her six-year-old son, Dashiell, a sister.

Sophie B. Hawkins

Photo: Sophie B. Hawkins
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The veteran singer rose to fame in the early 1990s and is known for her smash hits ‘As I Lay Me Down’ and ‘Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.’ But this time it’s her pregnancy announcement via US Weekly that’s put her in the headlines.

She told the celebrity outlet that she had frozen a dozen embryos when she was 31 years old and spoke of the timing, noting that her son, as mentioned, is now six years old. She said she and Dashiell had had “the magical twosome for six adventurous years” and that they were now “ready to invite a new and unknown dynamic into our lives.”

And as it is not unusual for a parent to want to gift an only child with a sibling, Hawkins did so bravely, putting both his needs first as well as her own desires to become a parent a second time around ahead of risks. In fact, emotional risks were foremost in her mind rather than physical risks. She said, “I’m in great health and Dashiell was a healthy pregnancy, but the risks emotionally seemed huge.”

She went on to speak of her concerns about “losing the closeness” with her son and their “free and adventurous life style” ad she expressed concerns that he might feel “betrayed” if she had another child as they had gone through “serious trauma with depth, healing and humor” which she explained had strengthened their bond. She added, “I grieved a lot when I finally decided to put the embryo inside of me.”

But this is still now just another celebrity about to give birth story; Sophie B. Hawkins, pregnant at 50, is the inescapable crux. And she said it was “an amazing age to have a second child” and said she is “more wise, calm, humorous, appreciative, simple and clear.” She added, “I’m not running around looking for love and validation. I live each day full of gratitude, and that’s good for my children.”

She did not completely sidestep the subject of her health, as US Weekly reports, she said she was not “worried about the risks physically.”

The news, first reported by US Weekly, did go viral, as noted, and yet, one wonders for how much longer will we find such a story a news story. The world is so rapidly changing that we should not be surprised that a day will arrive sooner than we think when a 50-year-old woman’s pregnancy is just a part of normal life.

But until we reach those days we have instead an inspiring story which should offer hope for women who wish to become mothers at a later age, and so let those uplifting headlines blaze on, Sophie B. Hawkins, pregnant at 50!

Photos: Sophie B. Hawkins
Credit: PR Photos

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