Justin Bieber spoke out about his misdeeds and mistakes in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In it, the pop music sensation is contrite about his behavior over the last year or so that has seen him more often in legal entanglements than the concert stage.

Justin Bieber

Photo: Justin Bieber
Credit: PR Photos

The much anticipated interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was broadcast just a day after Justin Bieber released a lengthy apology video. It’s been a while since we have seen him in a sit-down interview on television. And it was a fitting choice, as many years ago, he was just 15 years old and first emerging as a teen pop music sensation that he made his first appearance on the show.

Well, much has happened since those days. We’ve seen an arrest and mugshots, unflattering surveillance video from a Miami jail, deposition video and so on and that’s just for starters.

The now 20-year-old arrived on the program greeting the host with flowers and Calvin Klein for her 57th birthday which she had just celebrated. The latter, of course, a bit of product placement and referencing to his rather attention-getting appearance as a model for the iconic underwear brand which Saturday Night Live recently spoofed.

He acknowledged his long absence from television saying he was “nervous.” As Ellen DeGeneres broached the subject of his upcoming roast on Comedy Central, he took the opportunity to offer his public mea culpa.

Asked why he wanted to be roasted, he said, “I think it’s just cool to be able to laugh at yourself.” He went on to say, “I’ve done some things that might not have been the greatest.” The audience seemed to take that as an understatement as many among them burst into laughter. He continued saying, “I just want to be able to laugh about it, and kind of own up to some of the things.”

Ellen DeGeneres offered him kind and encouraging words in response. She said, “I know you’ve been taking care of yourself and you’re doing really, really good, and I’m proud of you. I know you’ve straightened up a lot, and you look like it.”

Justin Bieber has garnered much attention in two consecutive days with his apology video and now his television appearance, trending on social media, particularly on Twitter where hashtags began to dominate, notably #WeDontJudgeYouJustin. As is always the case with the journey of redemption we know not how far a person will go or how he will fare. All we can do is to wish him well.

Watch the video of Justin Bieber’s interview along with his apology video below.