Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson costar in ‘She’s Funny that Way,’ and the first trailer reveals their reunion on the big screen for the first time since ‘Marley & Me’ in a comedy which is the first movie from legendary director Peter Bogdanovich in 13 years.

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston

Photo: Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston
Credit: PR Photos

The all-star comedy is generating a buzz already as many are curious to see the latest directorial effort of Peter Bogdanovich who rose to worldwide fame with the iconic 1970s movie ‘The Last Picture Show’ and went on to direct two other classics of that decade; What’s Up, Doc? and ‘Paper Moon.’

And now in the 2010s we have ‘She’s Funny that Way’ of which Bogdanovich is also the co-writer with Louise Stratten, his former wife. Formerly titled ‘Squirrels to the Nuts,’ it has taken decades to reach the big screen, as it originally written in the 1990s for the late John Ritter and it is now Owen Wilson who takes on that role.

It is features a familiar plot and the stars and the director are what draw notice. We’ve seen married directors fall in love with the young actresses they direct, both in the movies and in real life for that matter. In this iteration, Owen Wilson portrays a married Broadway theater director who falls in love with an actress (portrayed by Imogen Poots) who had a previous career as a prostitute. He takes an interest in her new career and, well, we know how that goes. And so it goes as the trailer reveals.

As for Jennifer Aniston in this cozy universe, she portrays the actress’ therapist. There is much fanfare and interest in the movie which will open in the spring. Oscar buzz for next year? Perhaps. Never too early these days. While Jennifer Aniston may have missed out with her dramatic role in ‘Cake,’ fans and movie critics alike may take notice this time around.

The movie has a large and notable cast which includes the likes of Cybill Shepherd who was the star of ‘The Last Picture Show’ as well as Tatum O’Neal, star of ‘Paper Moon.’ Rounding out the cast are Rhys Ifans, Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, Will Forte, Jennifer Esposito, Richard Lewis, and Lucy Punch.

The full trailer of ‘She’s Funny that Way’ is below!