Paige A. Jennings was an intern on Wall Street who quit her job to pursue a career in porn, under the name Veronica Vain. She took semi-nude bathroom selfie photos before quitting and has been vocal on Twitter. It brings new meaning to going out in a blaze of glory.

Paige Jennings a.k.a. Veronica Vain

Photo: Paige A. Jennings a.k.a Veronica Vain
Credit: Twitter

To say this story has drawn attention is an understatement. Under her pseudonym and Twitter handle Veronica Vain, the 23-year-old Paige A. Jennings has been very vocal and in so doing, major media all over the world picks up her story and people search for the pictures which, fortunately you can see here (below).

It’s a case of taking charge with the magic of social media. Yes, it’s one of those can’t-make-this-up stories. She Tweeted: “I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can’t stop masturbating at work….”

The details of Paige A. Jennings’ biography are now widely known and let’s say she doesn’t exactly need a resume or a LinkedIn profile to stand out She’s a graduate of the University of Florida and her sole internship was at Lazard Asset Management. She began last June and quit just days ago in early January, as Business Insider reports. One can imagine she was a trooper for hanging on that long in what was obviously not a fulfilling job.

Or as she herself Tweeted, “I left finance because if I’m going to take it up the a– for a decade, I’d prefer to get in to a hall of fame for it.”

She also gave an interview to The New York Daily News, saying, “I have a finance degree and knew I wanted to apply it in business. I couldn’t find my sweet spot and I did think about how I’m sexual and how much I enjoy anything related to that.”

She added, “And I knew that’s never going to fly in a very conservative environment.”

Yes, an understatement indeed. So there you have it. While Wall Street may offer a financially rewarding career, the adult entertainment industry is winning out over the doldrums of deal making.

The Daily News also reports that she is aspiring to take part in the reality TV show ‘The Sex Factor’ and that she was “invited to Las Vegas for an audition during the Adult Video News Awards.” Yes, a far cry from asset management, in the financial sense of the term.

As she continues to make a splash in the world, the search for photos goes on. There is no need to search further as you can see a full gallery of pictures of Paige A. Jennings as Veronica Vain below.

Photos: Paige A. Jennings a.k.a. Veronica Vain
Credit: Twitter, Facebook

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