Tracy Ardeno is a teacher’s aide in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region who is alleged to have had sex with a male student in her car in a cemetery and has been charged with institutional sexual assault.

Tracy Ardeno

Photo: Tracy Ardeno

The 45-year-old Tracy Ardeno (photo above) is a teacher’s aide at Washington High School in Washington, Pennsylvania. She was removed from the school when the allegations were reported to school authorities.

Local Pittsburgh station WPXI-TV reports that she is alleged to have had sex in her car at Washington Cemetery with a high school senior who was 20 years old at the time. According to the station the Washington police investigated the allegations and charges were filed.

At the time of the report, Ardeno had been charged with institutional sexual assault and the station further reports that she was to be sent a summons in the mail with the charge.

According to the Observer Reporter, it was a teacher who reportedly saw Ardeno on December 3rd of last year picking up the alleged victim at a restaurant across the street from the high school, and the teacher then informed school district officials.

The newspaper quotes court documents which indicate that Ardeno began talking with the student about his tatoos and his smile sometime in late November, and that surveillance video in the high school confirms that they were speaking with each other. A police spokesperson is quoted as describing their interaction as appearing to “be like flirting.”

The documents further state that the alleged sexual encounter in the car in Washington Cemetery took place in early December, some time between the 3rd and the 8th. It’s further alleged that Ardeno confronted the student on December 8th allegedly saying she had been suspended and asking “What have you told them?” and also allegedly asking the student, “What is going on with us?”

Although the investigation is still ongoing investigators believe the teacher and student had sex on one occasion only, in the cemetery.

No additional information about the alleged incident or the details of the investigation were reported. As for details of Tracy Ardeno’s bio and professional background, the newspaper received confirmation from the superintendent that Ardeno had been employed for 13 years by the district and that she was removed from the school as soon as allegations were reported but did not confirm whether her leave was paid or not.

Check back for updates in this developing story including Tracy Ardeno’s mugshot photo and arrest details as they are available.

Photos: Tracy Ardeno

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