Legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson made a live appearance on The View to discuss the allegation she has brought against Bill Cosby. As the video below reveals, she spoke in much detail about having allegedly been drugged by the comedy icon at his home in New York during an audition for ‘The Cosby Show.’

Beverly Johnson

Photo: Beverly Johnson
Credit: PR Photos

After having given numerous television interviews, after the publication of her detailed account of the alleged drugging incident, the iconic made a live appearance on The View and spoke with all of the co-hosts, including moderator Whoopi Goldberg who previously has expressed skepticism about some of the allegations and accusers and urged the public to reserve judgement. Cosby broke weeks of Twitter silence to thank her with a single Tweet.

Thus the appearance of the iconic 62-year-old supermodel on the program was much anticipated. The View being The View, after all, most anything is possible. Perhaps in a nod to such expectations, Whoopi Goldberg said, prior to Johnson taking to the stage, “We have a good time when we come here because we can talk about anything.”

And indeed such was the case.

Beverly Johnson spoke in some detail about the alleged incident in 1986 which took place at Bill Cosby’s brownstone in New York. The occasion, as she had explained in her Vanity Fair article, was an audition for ‘The Cosby Show.’ She spoke about taking a sip of the cappuccino that Cosby insisted she drink and she said she had felt drugged.

She explained that while under the effects of the drugs she yelled and cursed at Cosby. While the censors caught the expletive those who read lips and/or have read her Vanity Fair article know she called him a “mother——” several times and that Cosby, seeing that things were not going so well dragged her down the steps, holding on to her with one hand and flagging down a taxi with the other.

She spoke of not precisely remembering how she got back to her apartment and said she assumed it was the doorman who helped her.

Whoopi Goldberg asked her, ““Was it such a feeling, the drugs, that you weren’t worried what it might be? If you know that you’ve been drugged, were you worried about what you might have ingested?”

Johnson said, “At that point, I was just struggling to stay conscious. So at that point, you’re not thinking about anything except for what I just told you.”

Goldberg asked her, “Did you ask the doorman the next day what condition you were or did you say anything?”

Johnson said, “No I didn’t. I basically just put my head down and just tried to get out. This is not about Mr. Cosby. He’s just a lightning rod for a conversation about violence against women.

Beverly Johnson, noting that she is on the board of of the Barbara Sinatra Center for Abused Children, then said of her decision to come forward and speak out about the alleged incident, “I was the one who wasn’t raped, I don’t think, but who had a lot of the experiences that a lot of the other women have had and I’m coming forward just to tell the truth.”

She went on to say, “I think what should happen is that people who have experienced sexual abuse and violence should come forward and not be afraid to speak up and speak out.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that there has been no response from Bill Cosby or his lawyers directly addressing Beverly Johnson’s allegations. You can see the replay of the live interview, in its entirety, below.