Amanda Holley is a police recruit who was allegedly sexual harassed and told by a male supervisor that she was too pretty to be a cop and compared to an American Girl doll. She is now suing the the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Amanda Holley

Photo: Amanda Holley
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As it is her looks which are allegedly the focus of the lawsuit, the interest in Amanda Holley photos is suddenly very intense. The 29-year-old Jackson Township, New Jersey resident has thus achieved the typical worldwide fame. But that aside, the allegations are serious.

Her lawsuit alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment at the Jersey City police academy and was eventually fired. According to The New York Post, quoting the federal lawsuit, her supervisor, Sergeant Erick Torres allegedly told her she was too attractive to be a police officer would be killed and also implied she would look good in the coffin.

The suit claims that he said to her, among other things, “Holley, when you are killed in the line of duty, I’ll make sure you look pretty for your family.” He also allegedly told her, “‘I do a lot of funerals for fallen cops, and I normally never look at their face, but for you, I’ll make sure you look pretty.”

The suit also alleges that Torres made up a tune to sing about her with the words “She is an American Girl doll” around her. It further and told her about taking his daughters to the American Girl Doll store and saying he thought he saw her there. The suit further claims that he called her Angelina Jolie at one point when her lips had swelled up after a pepper-spray test.

In an interview with The New York Post, Amanda Holley said of the alleged incidents, “The whole thing was obviously heartbreaking for me.” She went on to add, “To be ridiculed and feel ashamed of the way I looked was the hardest part. I was just embarrassed and humiliated.”

As for details of Amanda Holley’s bio and background, notes that she has a master’s degree in social work and previously worked as a social worker for the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Check back for updates on the developing story. More pictures are below.

Photos: Amanda Holley
Credit: Facebook

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