Nicole Forni is a model in Ohio who is suing a photographer for allegedly selling lingerie photos of her that wound up to porno Web sites all over the world. See pictures and get the updates on the story which has made headlines all over the world, far beyond the U.S. Midwest.

Nicole Forni

Photo: Nicole Forni
Credit: Facebook

As is not uncommon, the 23-year-old Nicole Forni has found sudden international notoriety in filing the lawsuit over what has been literal unwanted exposure.

According to The New York Post, the Cleveland, Ohio model has filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court alleging that when the photographer Joshua Resnick took the photos at his studio in Columbus, Ohio the agreement — “an unconditional promise” — was that the sexually provocative shots were not to be sold for “adult-oriented” purposes.

However, Forni alleges that her photos have been on Web sites in several countries and that friends and family members were the first to find them. Along with Playboy, they were found on other sites including adult Webcam sites as well as an escort site in Switzerland and on the cover of erotic eBooks including, “Horny Housewives of Dubai: Episode 4.”

She is seeking $75,000 in damages from the photographer as well as from all of the publishers of the photos. She is also demanding that all of the sites remove her photos.

The New York Post quotes her lawyer, Michael O’Shea, as saying that the photos, in which Forni wore black lingerie were supposed to be shot “Victoria’s Secret-style” and thus retaining her “dignity.” He further said his client was “mortified” and added, “there‚Äôs a certain level of dignity that people live with, and this guy violated that dignity and trust for a few bucks.”

The newspaper also quotes the photographer’s lawyer who called the lawsuit’s allegations “baseless.”

Even as the photos and the model herself may have been relatively unknown, the irony is, of course, that the lawsuit has given her sudden worldwide attention. At the same time, the allegations serve as a reminder of how vulnerable any of us can become when our images and their use are out of our control and in a digital perpetuity.

Check back for updates on the developing story. Meanwhile, there is a gallery of Nicole Forni pictures below.

Photos: Nicole Forni
Credit: Facebook

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