In a new interview (video below), Janice Dickinson revealed more graphic details about the alleged Bill Cosby rape and also called for a boycott of the comedy icon. The former supermodel also spoke out against his lawyer Martin Singer in the interview with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow.

Janice Dickinson

Photo: Janice Dickinson
Credit: PR Photos

Janice Dickinson opened up once again for an on-camera interview to speak about the alleged incident she said took place in 1982 in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This time she spoke with the eponymous host of ‘Roman Farrow Daily’ on MSNBC and unsparing in details of the alleged incident.

The 59-year-old former supermodel, reality TV star and former “America’s Next Top Model” judge is the most well known of the more than 20 women who have come forward to make allegations of rape and sexual assault against Bill Cosby in recent weeks.

Janice Dickinson shared some of her recollections of the alleged 1982 incident, in which in previous interviews she has claimed that Cosby drugged her and then raped her. She spoke of remembering how he had looked at her as if she were “about to become dinner.” She also described his cigar breath and his patchwork robe.

Sharing some graphic details of the alleged rape, she went on to say, “I remember being absolutely horrified when I felt him get on top of me and start to grunt. I don’t remember any conversation. I remember feeling a lot of pain, before I blacked out downstairs, in my vagina and I felt it in my anus. I remember the morning waking up.”

She went on to add that her memories “are coming up now because I am sober.” She said, “I am sober today. I wasn’t sober then.”

She also told Ronan Farrow about how she felt in the aftermath of the alleged rape, saying, “You know, I just remember the fear. I remember the fear and I – like if I – if this gets out, will people think I’m a whore? Will people think I’m a slut? Will the people think that like I’m lying, like they do now?”

Janice Dickinson also had strong words for Bill Cosby’s lawyer Martin Singer, who has issued numerous statements on his client’s behalf, denying the allegations and at times labeling them lies and fabrications. She said, “Marty Singer, you will wake up and you will hear me. And you know what, I am not a liar. And I can’t speak for the other women. I can only speak for myself. I am very upset.”

Visibly and demonstratively upset, Dickinson went on to add, “What if someone raped your wife, Marty? You’ve got daughters, Marty. What if Bill Cosby came and drugged their innocence, Marty? How you like me now, Marty? That’s what I say.”

She also encouraged a boycott of the comedy icon whose legacy is crumbling by the day. She said, “Are there people still working with Bill Cosby? I don’t know. But if anyone wants to hire this guy, you’re making a big mistake.”

The full video of Janice Dickinson’s interview on Bill Cosby on MSNBC ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ is below.