Angelina Jolie opened up about her marriage to Brad Pitt and how it has changed their relationship. It was among the topics she addressed in a wide-ranging interview with NBC News’ Tom Brokaw in an interview broadcast on the Today Show.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: Angelina Jolie
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The 39-year-old Oscar winner and humanitarian was interviewed by none other than the legendary broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw for her movie ‘Unbroken.’ It is the second feature length film she has directed, and it’s based on the book by Laura Hillenbrand, “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.” Hence the interview with the man who coined the phrase “Greatest Generation.”

While that was certainly a topic, her recent secret wedding to Brad Pitt was also among the topics she spoke about.

She said of married life and how it changed the longtime partners who originally and infamously met on the set of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ a decade ago, “It did change. We were fortunate enough to be in that unusual situation, we got married with our children and they were part of the ceremony.”

She went on to say of the August wedding in France which she and Pitt successful (and, quite frankly, miraculously) keep secret, “It was all of us agreeing to be together and to just commit to this life together. Not because we had to … because we were absolutely sure we felt that much of a family.”

She reflected upon their new roles as spouses, saying, “We have more moments where I say, ‘I’m going to be a better wife. ‘I’m going to learn to cook.’ and he says, ‘Oh, honey, know what you’re good at.’

She continued recounting the story, saying, “But I do like, ‘No, no, no, I’m going to get this wife thing down.’ He knows my limitations and where I’m a good wife and a good mom.”

Angelina Jolie also spoke about what it was like directing her new husband in their upcoming movie, “By the Sea,” which will reunite them for the first time since “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

She said of the experience, “We’ve learned a lot more about each other, and it’s a film about a very troubled marriage. So, it felt like the appropriate thing to do on our honeymoon.”

She went on to add, “We wanted to try things; we wanted to push each other; we wanted to be artists and see what we could make.” As for what it was like directing her own husband, she said, “I’m sure I had many moments with the actor, and I’m sure he had many moments with the director.”

It’s a rare, personal glimpse and as such, it’s getting much buzz. While parts of the Angelina Jolie interview were shown on the Today Show (video below), the full interview will be broadcast in December on NBC on Tom Brokaw’s special, “Unbroken: The Real Story.”