The deaths of Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado, and her sister, Sofia Trinidad, have stunned the world. All that is left now are photos and video which you can see here, and a crime. She was to have competed in the Miss World pageant. Now her life has come to a violent end.

Maria Jose Alvarado

Photo: Maria Jose Alvarado and Sofia Trinidad
Credit: Twitter

Maria Jose Alvarado’s sudden and tragic death at age 19 alongside her sister, Sofia Trinidad, who was 23 years old, has stunned the world. The circumstances of the discovery of the bodies is grim and tragic; as the BBC reports.

On Thursday, Alvarado and her sister were reported missing in Santa Barbara, Honduras. They had been last seen leaving a party in a car with no license plate. It was six days later that their bodies were found near Aguagua River. Both of the women had been shot to death.

In the aftermath of that discovery four men were arrested including Plutarco Antonio Ruiz who was the boyfriend of Sofia Trinidad.

BBC further reports that according to to General Ramon Sabillon, the National Police director, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz confessed to killing the women and he revealed to the police authorities where the bodies were buried. He said he was assisted by Aris Maldonado, who was among those arrested in the case. Reportedly he committed the killings in a jealous rage.

As for the details of the Maria Jose Alvarado biography of which many are now curious, that is the sad irony. She had been an unknown outside of her native country, and like all of the contestants in the Miss World pageant held in London this year on December 14th, she had a shot at international fame. Her official bio on the Web site states that she aspired to become a diplomat and that her pastimes included football and volleyball. Sadly her story comes to a complete end much too soon.

More pictures and a video report are below.

Photos: Maria Jose Alvarado and sister, Sofia Trinidad

Credit: Twitter

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