Deborah Nicholson-Hoshiyama is a fugitive Arizona teacher who was arrested in Hawaii by U.S. Marshals and Honolulu police for alleged sex with a male student who was 14 years old at the time. When indicted in Arizona she fled to Hawaii.

Deborah Nicholson-Hoshiyama

Photo: Deborah Nicholson-Hoshiyama

The 45-year-old Deborah Nicholson-Hoshiyama (mugshot photo above) is variously known as Deborah Hoshiyama and as Deborah Nicholson.

According to Hawaii News Now quoting the Hawaii Fugitive Task Force, Nicholson-Hoshiyama was indicted by a grand jury in October for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a then-14-year-old male eighth-grade student in Avondale, Arizona during an eight-month period between 2007 and 2008. She was indicted on five counts of sexual conduct with a minor and an arrest warrant was issued at that time.

Along with her family — she is the married mother of two children — she had fled Arizona in August and relocated to Hawaii. She was tracked by U.S. Marshals, and it is being reported that her posting on Facebook that she had received a teaching license and was going to start a new job led to her arrest by the Honolulu police and U.S. Marshals in a raid that took place at 5 a.m. at a condo in Waikiki on the island of Oahu.

According to the Hawaii Department of Education, she was to have started a teaching job at Voyager Charter School. She had received her teaching license in October, according to the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

Deborah Nicholson-Hoshiyama is awaiting a court appearance as well as an extradition hearing to return her to Arizona where she faces the charges.

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Photos: Deborah Nicholson-Hoshiyama
Credit: Facebook

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