Ashley Parkins Pruitt is a teacher in Alabama who has been arrested and charged with for alleged sexual activity with three male high school students during a three-month period.

Ashley Parkins Pruitt

Photo: Ashley Parkins Pruitt

The 28-year-old Ashley Parkins Pruitt (mugshot photo above from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office) is a teacher at Appalachian High School in Oneonta, Alabama.

According to quoting court documents filed in Blout County, Alabama, the alleged incidents with the three alleged victims took place during August, September and October.

It is alleged that in October, Pruitt used Snapchat to send explicit pictures of her private parts to a student identified in the documents as “Victim #1,” a male under the age of 18. It’s further alleged that she had numerous sexually explicit conversations with him and said, among other things, that she wanted to take his virginity.

Also during the month of October Pruitt allegedly had oral sex with a male student under the age of 19 who is identified in the documents as “Victim #2.” The alleged incident took place in a parked vehicle in Oneonta. She is also alleged to have arranged the meeting by using Snapchat and also had sexually explicit conversations with the alleged victim.

“Victim #3″ is a male student under the age of 19 with whom it is alleged that Pruitt had sexual contact with during the months of August and September. According to the documents the alleged incidents also took place in Oneonta in a parked vehicle and included “kissing” and “making out.” She is also alleged to have sent him sexually explicit messages using Snapchat.

Ashley Parkins Pruitt turned herself in for arrest. She was booked in to the Blount County Jail and charged with two counts of providing pornography to a minor, two counts of sex act with a student, one count of sex contact with a student. She was released from jail after posting a percentage of a $215,000 bond.

As for Ashley Parkins Pruitt’s bio and professional background, reports that according to the school system’s Web site, she was previously employed at Locust Fork High School and Susan Moore High School. She was also the coach of a junior high basketball team. The newspaper identified her as the married mother of one son.

As for her current employment status, the newspaper quotes the Blount County Schools Superintendent confirming that Pruitt is presently on administrative leave with pay.

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Photos: Ashley Parkins Pruitt
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