Beth Ann Nemec is a teacher at a Christian school in Florida who has been arrested and charged with child abuse for allegedly physically disciplining three first-grade students at the school.

Beth Ann Nemec

Photo: Beth Ann Nemec

The 47-year-old Beth Ann Nemec (mugshot photo above) is a teacher at Horeb Christian School in Hialeah, Florida. According to Local 10 the Hialeah Police were called to the school because of concerns that parents had expressed.

Quoting from the arrest report, the station goes on to note that there are three separate alleged incidents. A seven-year-old boy allegedly told his mother that Nemec put her hand over his mouth to keep him from talking. He also said she flicked his cheek because he talked too much.

In another alleged incident, a six-year-old boy told his mother that Nemec spanked him on his buttocks for putting his feet on the chair when sitting. He also claimed that she hit him on top of his head and put her hand over his mouth to stop him from talking and that she flicked his fingers when he raised his hand in class.

In the third alleged incident, the mother of a six-year-old boy found bruise on his left arm and several scratches on his right inner arm. When his mother asked him what had happened, the boy claimed that Nemec caused the injuries by grabbing his arms tightly. He also claimed he told her she was hurting him and that in response she said she didn’t care.

When confronted with the allegations, Nemec said, according to the report, “I didn’t know I scratched him.” After the investigation, Nemec was arrested on probable cause and was charged with seven counts of child abuse. She was released from jail on $15,000 bond.

As for additional details of Beth Ann Nemec’s bio and professional background, the station notes that she began teaching at the school in August and that, according to a statement from the principal of Horeb Christian School, she had been hired after having been a substitute teacher during the previous school year.

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