Terry Fults is a substitute elementary school teacher in Tennessee who has been arrested and charged with aggregated sexual battery of an 11-year-old male student.

Terry Fults

Photo: Terry Fults

The 34-year-old Terry Fults (mugshot photo above) is a substitute teacher formerly at Lynchburg Elementary School in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

According to WSMV quoting official sources, the alleged incident took place at Fults resident. It is alleged that the 11-year-old boy — a student at the elementary school where she was teaching — spent the night in her bedroom with the door closed while her husband was away. It’s further alleged that she allowed the boy to drive her car with her children inside.

Fults was arrested on a charge of aggravated sexual battery. She was later released on $100,000 bond.

The station goes on to report that according to Moore County Director of Schools Fults was dismissed from her job as a substitute teacher at Lynchburg Elementary School approximately three weeks before the allegations surfaced, and is quoted as saying that there had been “some poor decision making on her part” leading them to conclude she was not a “good fit.”

No additional details of Terry Fults’ bio and professional background were reported. Social media profiles confirm that she is the mother of young children.

A video is below, reporting the facts known this far along with some interviews with parents expressing shock over the allegations and the arrest of Fults who is due in court on November 18th.

Check back for updates in this developing story.

Photos: Terry Fults
Credit: Twitter, Moore County Sheriff’s Office

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