Deborah Ashe is a woman in Kentucky who was arrested for alleged possession of crystal meth. She was wearing a ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ T-shirt at as her mugshot photo reveals and, as such, has gone viral. See it and get the details.

Deborah Ashe

Photo: Deborah Ashe

This arrest of the 37-year-old Deborah Ashe (booking photo from the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department above) is yet another image that’s tailor made for Internet and social media frenzy. After all, every day untold numbers of people are arrested on drug charges. However it is not every day that a suspect wears a shirt that is so unequivocal about her passion for said substance.

According to WKYT, quoting the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department, Ashe was one of two people arrested for alleged possession of crystal meth. The 57-year-old Richard Rice was also arrested but as he not wearing such a sensational T-shirt and his mugshot has not drawn attention.

Both were booked into jail and have been charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree and possession of methamphetamine. Ashe remains in jail on $25,000 bond.

The now famous mugshot went viral so quickly as the the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department posted it on their Facebook page. And, by now we know what that typically leads to.

It brings to mind the arrest of Daniel Kowalsk in a ‘Los Pollos’ T-shirt from’Breaking Bad.’ But this is another day, and another mugshot gone viral.

And once again, we have a cautionary tale with the arrest of in her shirt. If one is going to commit a crime best not to leave such an obvious clue!