The Sean Kory mugshot photo has gone viral as he has become the latest handsome suspect or “hot mugshot guy,” variously. See the booking photo and more pictures of the Santa Cruz, California man who has gone rapidly from obscurity to Internet fame thanks to a Halloween arrest.

Sean Kory

Photo: Sean Kory

Once again, a handsome man gets arrested and has become an Internet sensation. The arrest of the 29-year-old was not really the story. It was instead that now famous (infamous?) Sean Kory mugshot which you can see above.

It’s become a template by now. We had Jeremy Meeks of California cause untold numbers to swoon. This time, another arrest leads to the same results. Perhaps even more so now that we are primed to expect such.

The arrest was on Halloween, and according to San Jose Mercury News, Kory is alleged to have used a with an aluminum tennis racket to attack a person who was dressed up as a Fox News anchor. Yes, not a vampire or a zombie as one might expect.

But, in this case, a villain is in the eye of the beholder — make that the alleged beholder, as Kory allegedly attacked the individual and screamed, “I hate Fox News!” He is further alleged to have grabbed the alleged victim’s microphone prop and made an obscene gesture with it before launching the attack with the tennis racket.

Sean Kory was arrested and booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail, according to the newspaper. As with the case of Jeremy Meeks, the details of the Sean Kory’ bio may take a sudden turn if he is able to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame. A modeling contract? A reality TV show? At the very least we might imagine a large number of followers on Twitter or Instagram or other social media.

As the story unfolds, check out more Sean Kory photos below.

Photos: Sean Kory
Credit: Facebook