Amy Poehler talked about most everything under the sun from porno to divorce from her former husband Will Arnett during her interview on the Howard Stern Show. A shock jock and a SNL alum make for a potent pairing and so the interview is getting much buzz.

Amy Poehler

Photo: Amy Poehler
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The 43-year-old Amy Poehler has been making the rounds promoting her memoir Yes Please and so what would be better for attention getting headlines than a lively discussion on pornography in general, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in particular as well as her ex-husband Will Arnett thrown in for good measure.

Along with fragrances, books seem to be the star vehicle of choice these days. So no matter how old or young one is, one has to write one’s memoirs. And in so doing one has to get attention with some salacious and/or startling details of one’s life.

And what better place for such than The Howard Stern Show. While it may not be the shock jock heyday of the 1980s and 1990s, the show still suffices for cutting through the mass media clutter.

So yes, she did talk about pornography, and not in the context of defending or denying a sex tape as so often happens these days.

Amy Poehler said, “I like porn, and I think people should do whatever they want. This generation, porn is so accessible… sometimes guys don’t connect with the person actually in front of them.”

She went on to elaborate, saying, “I like my porn like my comedy — done by professionals, women at the top of their game.” She also admited that she watches porn “whenever I find the time.”

As for her divorce from Will Arnett, to whom she was married for 10 years, and with whom she has two children, she said the split was an amicable one and that they are still “good friends.” She went on to add, “We are doing a really good job. I don’t think a ten year relationship constitutes a failure.”

She was less explicit when it came to talking about what it was when she began dating again but did acknowledge that the scene has changed in the past decade with the rise of texting and such. She spoke a bit about her current boyfriend, fellow comedian Nick Kroll. She also dropped a tantalizing tidbit when she suggested she might have gone out with John Stamos.

As would be expected she also talked about her tenure on Saturday Night Live and some of the characters she took on, perhaps most memorably Hillary Clinton.

You can listen to the full radio show below.