Mamie Van Doren made a dazzling appearance and the sexy photos — which you can see here — suggest the platinum blonde 1950s Hollywood star has completely succeeded in evading Father Time. She is looking desirable as ever.

Mamie Van Doren
Photo: Mamie Van Doren
Credit: PR Photos

At this point, the Hollywood legend has bragging rights for her age. She is an impressive and amazing 83 years old. Or more rightfully and deservedly Mamie Van Doren is 83 years young. As she often does when she makes public appearances her youthfulness becomes the story.

Mamie Van Doren, along with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield was one of the biggest ‘blonde bombshell’ stars of the 1950s. Her most notable movie from that era is ‘Teacher’s Pet’ alongside costars Clark Gable and Doris Day. While she may not be the household name of the others, who sadly have departed long before their time, Mamie Van Doren is still going strong as an octagenerian who, to say the very least, defies any stereotype we might have of that decade of life.

Yes, we’ve seen many a star whose natural beauty and youth has been helped along with plastic surgery. But whatever it is that Mamie Van Doren is doing to look the way she does, let’s all hope that the secret doesn’t remain a secret and we can all make use of it!

But yet, there is a reason for the appearance. She was being honored at an exhibit by the Palm Springs Historical Society’s at the McCallum Adobe Museum. It’s easy to see why she might be so honored, and, as The Desert Sun points out, she has ties with the town. In her beauty queen days, she was Miss Palm Beach in 1950.

That noted, she is always dazzling. The photos reveal the exuberance and the zest for living that neither surgery nor Botox can give one. You can see the amazing Mamie Van Doren pictures below!

Photos: Mamie Van Doren
Credit: PR Photos

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