Kim Kardashian celebrated her 34th birthday in Las Vegas showing off her famous curves and cleavage in a tight white dress. While she may not have invited the world to the party, the photos — which you can see here — are going viral.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Kim Kardashian
Credit: PR Photos

This time around, for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star who has progressively taken over more and more of pop culture, there was no massive over-the-top marriage proposal to make news. After all, she is already months into her married life now with a husband who rivals her as far as attention-getting is concerned.

So Kim Kardashian returned to the tried-and-true formula at the TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas; she showed off her assets at the party. Mission accomplished. People are talking and looking at the pictures (which you can see above and plenty more below).

Yes, something for everyone. Side boob, front boob, derriere, etc.

Age 34 is kind of a middling birthday; it’s not the milestone of 25 or 30 nor is the the half-way point to the next milestone 40. It just is another birthday. But in Las Vegas, as seen in the pictures, and the media reports, it was nonetheless a lavish one, with a towering cake emblazoned with “Mrs West.”

She’s already had quite the banner year, with the high profile wedding in Italy, the cover of Vogue magazine alongside her husband, controversy and all. And more controversy as the British GQ Woman of the Year.

But this time around, it was just a party, just a celebration of another year. No controversy other than the ongoing discussion as to how it is that we are always discussing Kim Kardashian!

You can see Kim Kardashian showing off her assets on the red carpet in the pictures and the video below!

Photos: Kim Kardashian
Credit: PR Photos

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