Elizabeth Brewer is a former Catholic girls high school teacher in Los Angeles, California who has been arrested on suspicion of felony sexual assault for alleged sexual contact with a female student which took place between 2005 and 2007.

Elizabeth Brewer

Photo: Elizabeth Brewer

The 39-year-old Elizabeth Brewer (mugshot photo above) — alternately known as Beth Brewer — is a former teacher at Notre Dame Academy in Rancho Park, located on the Westside of Los Angeles, CA. It is a girls’ college prep school.

According to KTLA quoting the Culver City Police Department, the alleged victim came forward several months ago.

KTLA goes on to note that according to the school’s president Nancy Coomis — in a letter sent to parents’ of students at the school — she became aware of the allegations of Brewer’s misconduct several years after the alleged victim had graduated from the school and Brewer was no longer employed at the school. She further said in her letter that the allegations were reported immediately to the police.

According to the Culver City Police, a “lengthy investigation” was conducted into the allegations after which Elizabeth Brewer was arrested on suspicion of felony sexual assault and booked into jail. She was released on $400,000 bail and is due in court for arraignment in December.

KTLA also reports that there may be additional victims who are being urged to come forward.

As for additional details on Elizabeth Brewer’s bio and professional background, KTLA quotes a biography from Loyola Marymount University (LMU) that she is a former visiting assistant professor of education at the university and that she did research into the “role of technology as a tool for teaching students about the dangers and consequences of cyber-bullying behaviors as well as the role of teachers in this process.”

Prior to her employment at LMU she was employed for six years at a “private Catholic high school” and subsequently was employed at UCLA. Via a spokesperson for LMU, it is confirmed that she resigned from her position in September 2013.

According to the L.A. Times, she left her job at Notre Dame Academy for unknown reasons in 2006. The newspaper quotes an unnamed source alleging that she left Loyola Marymount University over complaints about her past relationships with students. The newspaper further reports that she lives in Culver City with her domestic partner.

The story is developing. Check back for updates.